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SPAES School Nirmal is one of the best schools in Nirmal and best choice for the people in and around Bhainsa. With 20+ years of experience in child pedagogy, your child is safe hands.

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“Why SPAES ?”


Our classrooms are digitalized with the latest technological support from leading modules of predesigned curricular developers for better concept clarity through audio-visuals.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) predicated curriculum is given impetus and our laboratories for these core subjects.

Computer Lab

We understand that computer skills are imperative in this emerging global technological world.


Vasavi, One of the top schools in Northern Telangana, has moved away from the conventional silent reading at libraries to a more engaging and interactive platform.

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Because successful students are balanced students, we make sure each of our students is a part of at least two Sports out of the array of sporting activities that are offered like – Cricket, Football, Basketball, Taekwondo, Chess, Yoga, etc.


All our buses are well connected to all parts of the town and equipped with dignified and highly trained staff to regulate the discipline and safety of the students.

Clubs & Activities

Bridging the academic knowledge with real-life situations is crucial through the innumerable Clubs which allow our students to follow their passion in a structured manner. The various Clubs At vasavi, the best school in Telangana, includes – Literary, Health & Wellness, Environment & Nature, Heritage FILMIT INTACH, Tangram (Math), Cultural, Art, Rotary Interact, ICT, Space Club, Social Responsibility Club, and more.


Society for Promotion of Academic Excellence in Schools

In my extensive years of teaching, what comes as a revelation is that original ideas come from a fresh mind. And, a fresh mind is an outcome of an education system that fosters innovative thinking and conceptual clarity.

As such, concept-based training is more important than learning formulae by heart. This goes an underlying principle for any form of teaching.

Keeping this mind, this supplementary edition has been created with a focus to promote thought provoking dialogues that cross the boundary of conventional thinking.

I hope that such well-framed content of the book, benefits hundreds of youth who are in search of true source of knowledge.

Especially for the students aiming for iIT, as IIT is an exam that challenges the students based on a simple conceptual framework.

This supplementary edition for IT practice is for everyone who's struggling to find a trustworthy qualitative content to rely on.

I wish a very all the best in this endeavour.

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(Chukka Ramaiah) Founder & President SPAES